Is Someone Listening?

The latest shocker to the United States came just weeks ago, when Edward Snowden released classified information to major media outlets with details on how the NSA is collecting user data from sites millions of citizens access every day.  What may be more shocking, however, is that wiretapping and surveillance on domestic soil has been commonplace since the early 1900’s. has created an infographic detailing the controversial history of wiretapping and surveillance.

Wiretapping has been around since the invention of the telephone-and the government has been listening ever since.  In 1928, the Supreme Court approved of wiretapping, along with using the recorded conversations as evidence.  In 1945 the government takes it a step further by receiving microfilm copies of every telegram that enters and leaves the country-known as project Shamrock.  In 1967, the Supreme Court overturned the 1945 ruling, and in 1968 a federal law restricts wiretapping.  Shortly after Watergate, the government shuts down the Shamrock project.

Is Someone Listening?
Is Someone Listening?


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