The Life and Death (and Life) of the U.S. Auto Industry

The Life and Death (and Life) of the U.S. Auto Industry 1
“Since the late 1800’s, the automobile has been an American staple in households.  From its debut with Henry Ford’s Model A, to next year’s Corvette-cars have always captured America’s attention.  But it’s not always been smooth seas for American automobile manufacturers. has created a very informal infographic about the history of the automobile, entitled, “The Life, Death, (and Life) of the U.S. Auto Industry”.


1916 saw a huge change in America-the passing of the Federal Aid Road Act.  This act provided $75 million of Federal money in 50/50 matching funds to the states; up to 6% of the roads statewide over a 5 year period.  Less than one year later, every state would have a Highway Agency to assist in managing the funds. In 1924, Henry Ford debuted his family friendly Model-A vehicle, with a price tag of $260.  This price would be equivalent of around $10,000 today.


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