Infographic: Top 20 Password of All Time

Most of the people choose very simple passwords that make it easy for people to easily hack into your accounts. They both choose alphabets, just simple numeric series, names of their girlfriends or boyfriends, and make their accounts vulnerable to hackers. In this infographic titled, “Top 20 Password of All Time” you will see examples of the variety of passwords used that are vulnerable to being hacked.

The most common of all the passwords is the 1 2 3 4 5 6 series. People who use such passwords are either ignorant about security issues or are plain careless. They might feel– why would their account be hacked?; they have nothing important. But they do not understand that whether their account holds important information or not, using an alphanumeric password is always a safe bet.

If you have used your password as the name of your beau, then your friends and frenemies can easily gain access of your account. You will not need a hacker to guess that. No matter what your age is, or how new or old you are to the experience of using the internet, it is always good to use a good password that is not easy to guess or crack. Also, using your first name, last name, and using short passwords also leads to cracking them easily.


Importance of security explained about using passwords.


Too technical and also unclear for a normal user.

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Top 20 Password Infographic


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