InfoGraphic: The Android Story

If you know history, then you can know everything, and the history of anything and everything is usually quite fascinating. Also, you often are not aware of some thing’s history until it has become prevalent.  For example, no one paid attention to the Internet until it exploded into our homes about 20 years ago. Before that time, virtually no one knew or cared that it had its beginnings in the Arpanet, done about 30 years prior to what we now called the Internet.

That is especially why infographics, such as “The Android Story” is so important. It shows in a very concise and easily comprehensible manner the operating system that we all now seem to take for granted. Thus, the beginnings of anything and everything are important.

We can see that Android was begun in 2003, and fewer than two years later, became a cynosure of Google which purchased the company. However, it seemed to be a rocky beginning and, even two years after the purchase, Android was prevalent in just one out of every 200 units (or 0.5% market share, as reflected in the “Worldwide Android Market Share” portion).

We are sure that it has been explained elsewhere but seeing this infographic makes us think that the versions are named by a chef, as almost all of them are named for foods.

Likes: There is a tremendous amount of information to be gleaned in the “Android Version Distribution” (toward the bottom). Clean interface and nice colour palette used.

Dislikes: It seems to be an old infographic, and for rapidly evolving technology, recent information is good information.

The Android Story

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