Level of Communication

There are different ways people have started to communicate and use technology even for personal communications. An email, chat, messenger, phone call is no more used for business and professional communication. In this infographic titled, “Level of Communication” you will see ten ways people use technology even in their personal communications.

As life has gotten busy, people have started to depend more on technology to ease the gap of being physically absent with each other to communicate, there are different ways people communicate over the internet now. According to this infographic, people communicate through video chat, Facebook, email, etc. When people don’t find time to meet and talk to each other, they use apps available on the internet to bridge this gap.

You will see many people having a video chat with their near and dear ones, especially when they are away from home. Twitter is used for a group chat though and less for a one on one chat like that of the messenger. Though this form of communication has decreased the need to meet people like they used to in the days internet was absent, it seems to have gained more prominence over meeting people physically. You can see in this simple infographic, how people use the digital technology for personal communications as well.


Explained the level of communication in simple ten pictures. It has a flow and shows the difference between the kinds of personal communication people have now with the availability of the internet.


Too simple.

Levels of Communication

Infographic by standoutessay.com

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