How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media

If used effectively, social media can bring good grades in a student’s life. Most of the students spend maximum amount of their time on social media platforms such as, Facebook and Twitter, mostly posting selfies, and posting likes and comments on futile stuff. If schools implement these social media pages, more students can actively participate in those discussions. In this infographic titled, “How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media” you will see how effectively students can use social media to one up their grades.

This infographic gives an insight on how 96% of the students spend their time on Facebook. They might join pages and groups related to music, movies, sports, or anything that interests them. They are engaging themselves reading and participating in a lot of events online. Most of the schools can use this space to encourage their students to participate in group discussions, etc.

Teenagers also make lot of videos and post them on YouTube. If schools too encourage their students to post relevant videos related to academics and make them interesting and informative, it might help generate more interest in them and also help them achieve better grades. The minimum amount of time spent on social media sites is sixty minutes, therefore using social media to up their grades is a smart idea.


How social media can be used productively by students. Very cleverly designed.


Might interest schools more than students.

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How to Get Better Grades Using Social Media


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