10 Things to Know About Torture

Torture has been used since a very long time for the purpose of interrogation. This has been used as a tool throughout history to get information out of people or spies. This infographic titled “10 Things to Know about Torture” covers interesting facts about Torture that people have been or being subjected worldwide.

This infographic makes use of interactive graphical tools to represent the facts and figures pertaining to the use of torture as a technique for revelation of information from agents, terrorists or criminals. Various techniques used for the purpose have been mentioned in this infographic.

The nations who have been practicing various techniques have also been listed in this infographic about torture. You would be surprise to know that people support these techniques to certain extent while dealing with terrorists. However, many nations have banned subjecting people to torture. Over the years people have been subjected to various painful conditions. This infographic covers the major ones and you would be surprised to know about the pain these can inflict upon a person.

Overall, this infographic is quite informative and brings out information which isn’t much known to people. A list of references from where the information has been gathered has also been mentioned in this infographic. If you’re interested in knowing more then you can check out the references listed below in this infographic.

Likes: Good use of graphs and figures, excellent representation of facts and figures.

Dislikes: The content is not suited for faint hearted ones.


Courtesy: medicalbillingandcoding.org

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