Top 200 Companies Advertising Budget

Advertising forms the core of any business activity. Without a good advertising strategy, it is impossible for businesses to reach their target audience and establish themselves in the marketplace. A good advertising strategy also helps to beat the cut throat competition amongst the competitors. This infographic titled “Top 200 Companies Advertising Budget” provides an insight into the advertising budget of some of the top business establishments that will certainly leave you baffled.

This infographic makes use of dollar stack representation to signify the budget allotted by the top business firms on their advertising activities. This infographic will certainly make you realize the immense potential that the advertising sector holds when it comes to business promotions and brand building.

This infographic brings about amazing information pertaining to the advertising budget from industries such as the automotive industry, the retail industry, the telecom industry, the restaurant industry, the finance industry, the personal care industry, the insurance industry, the electronics industry, the media industry, the drug industry, the food industry, the cleaning industry, the beer industry, the weight loss industry, the delivery industry, the education industry, the apparel industry and other companies. This infographic is quite interesting and it provides a wonderful idea about the impact the advertising sector has on businesses establishments. The impact of the advertising industry is evident from the tools being used today in this sector.

Likes: A wonderful infographic on advertising, covers significant information on advertising industry.

Dislikes: A bar graph could’ve been used instead of stacked notes that make the infographic clumsy.

Advertising Budget Infographic


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