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Mathematics is a subject that is either loved or hated by most of the students. The students who love it have most of their concepts cleared and the ones who hate it is usually because their basics are not clear that leads to a lot of confusion in understanding the concepts ahead. But, you always have your teachers to reach out to either in school or at your classes. It is a simple thing but still, most of the students hesitate and worry about other things and end up not getting their doubts solved. What if there was an online platform for students where they would visit to solve their issues with math and it would all be simple? Well, Cuemath is what you are looking for to be your assistant in difficult topics like vectors, integers, fractions, decimals etc. there are so many topics that can get confusing and when you have an online platform for help then you can rely on it for all your doubts.

Students usually have problems with topics like vectors and integers among the other topics.

So, what are vectors?

A vector is an object that has both magnitude and direction. It is generally symbolized as a line segment with an arrow and it is a necessary topic in the field of mathematics and physics. Vectors are also known in the form of corresponding points in space.

Vectors are an interesting topic as there are different types of vectors and also there are different ways to calculate vectors and use them in different solutions. But when it comes to the concept it can often be a bit confusing and this confusion can be solved easily by referring to Cuemath for your doubts. When you start the process of learning, you come across many doubts and problems while solving the sums and this is when you can reach out to Cuemath and understand the basic concepts and continue side by side with solving the sums.

So let us see how you can learn with Cuemath:

  1. Book session: You can book a session with a teacher who will be specializing in the topic of your choice and you can get a one on one session with the teacher and ask them about all your queries. This will help you learn and grow in the topic you are having problems and you can easily become an expert in topics like progressions, vectors, integers, fractions etc. There are expert professionals in the field of mathematics and they understand every student’s capabilities and help them achieve greater heights. The classes are kept in a frequency that is manageable by the kids it is important to maintain the study and play balance since we all know that playtime is necessary for the brain to work faster. Even the classes by the teachers are fun and interactive and in this way every student is taken care of with their doubts. Since it is an online mode, there is a personalized way of learning as the interaction is usually one on one.


  1. Explore programs: Different programs are curated for the students from different classes to suit their way of learning. Not all students are the same and everyone likes to learn in their way. Cuemath understands that and helps students choose the program and get started with their journey of making mathematics a fun subject for them. When the students understand what they learn they start enjoying the sum solving sessions and they also get to interact with the students who have taken the program so that they can be social friends and also communicate better in a digital way.

Due to the pandemic, learning has taken a slow pace and this shouldn’t affect the process of curiosity and the love for topics like integer, vectors, fractions etc. Cuemath is here to help the students with all their doubts.

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