Humans vs. Computers- How smart is your Laptop?

Humans vs. Computers- How smart is your Laptop? 1

According to the “Humans vs. Computers–How Smart is Your Laptop?” infographic, humans edge out computers, for the time being.

Or not–not if there are humans (such as the authors of the infographic) who reduce intelligence to the mere senses. Even Wikipedia is astute enough to say that intelligence is not simply in receiving and storing information but also processing it and relating it to other things and situations.

In addition, correct intelligence would have to be about knowing the correct things. Many, perhaps most, people use the word it’s as a possessive, not as a conjunction (as it is correctly), as in the sentence Red is it’s color”. Does anybody say “Red is it is color”? No. So why do they use the conjunction?

This is pertinent in that the infographic says that “Everybody knows that computers are going to take over the world and enslave humanity”. Perhaps, though, they are correct. Perhaps there is a great deal of unthinking humans who can simply replace a human political ruler for a technological ruler. Perhaps they are right; many people already have a slave mentality and do not question the information that is provided to them. However, thinking human beings would question the need of having any type of ruler.

There is still hope. There are many people who do question the efficacy and the need to have aluminum and many harmful elements which often cause the very illnesses that vaccinations seek to ward off. There are many people who do question “human caused global warming” which is just a smokescreen to tax you from having a productive future and to instill a hatred of humanity.

Likes: A very thought-provoking subject.

Dislikes: The text becomes difficult to read.

If computers are compared to humans, how long human’s have before our laptops rule the world? The Humans vs Computers itself shows today’s picture.

Humans vs. Computers—How smart is your Laptop?

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