The World’s Most Expensive Gifts

The World's Most Expensive Gifts 1

Do we really need another reminder that the rich are different from us, and are peculiar?

We think not, but there is still “The World’s Most Expensive Gifts” infographic. It shows the eccentricities of those whom we already knew were eccentric and peculiar. Justin Bieber is probably the newest and youngest of the bunch. He has already had a few run-ins with the law, the media, and bad publicity. This lack of judgment is also expressed in the gifts. To his credit, they were gifts to him, rather than from him. Therefore, we have to question the judgment of the givers in this regard.

We have always wondered about Beyoncé and Jay Z. She is so beautiful, and he is aptly described as being ugly. We always wondered what they saw in each other. Their (or more accurately her–from our perspective) lack of judgment is evident in their spendthrift giving. To their credit, these were gifts to each other, but they still seem so needless and wasteful.

We feel sorry for George Clooney (or maybe not) for spending one night in a hotel suite and getting just a motorcycle helmet in return. However, everything may have come out for the best and he may have learned a valuable lesson. He ought not to have spent such an enormous sum on such an intangible item–especially when he could have obtained a very nice place for a tenth of the price–and he did receive a tangible gift in return–something that lasted more than one night.

Likes: Considering the price and value of property, Johnny Depp got a fairly good deal.

Dislikes: Reading about all these expensive gifts makes us mere mortals feel depressed.

From the most expensive to the downright strange, here’s what today’s celebs spend their money on when they’re out to impress…

The World's Most Expensive Gifts


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