Human Resources – The Most Underrated Yet Hard Working Part of an Organization


Human resource is vital to organisations in countless areas – company image to strategic planning. Human resource professionals provide a number of services to employees and have well-rounded expertise in handling crucial tasks related to the growth of the company. The areas in which a human resource professional maintains control can augment an employees’ experience in the organisation while firming the business operations.


In a nutshell, it will not be wrong to say that the HR team plays an important role in an organisation. From making hiring decisions to ensuring employee satisfaction and safety, they do it all. Here are the reasons why HR is the backbone of any organisation and going for an MBA human resource management is undoubtedly the right choice.

Recruiting the Right Talent

We all have seen the HR team working day in and day out to hire the best of the people for the company. Recruiting is not an easy job – it is complex, and a wrong decision may cost big to the company. Human resource team is responsible for filling up positions as quickly as possible with talented and qualified candidates. Even though all the hard work they do is not emphasised, they toil hard to find the perfect fit for any role while keeping in mind the company’s success.

While all we see are the hired candidates, HR professionals have to deal with even the rejected ones. They have to deal with their anger and make those feel good who are upset. They do all this to ensure that the brand’s image is not portrayed in a negative light in front of the rejected candidates. They have to keep their calm while dealing with candidates of all sorts.

There are times when the hiring process takes more time than usual. This happens because the HR person is looking for the best people suited for the business and not trying to hire fast and cheap. Most of the times they delay the hiring process keeping in mind the company’s future. This is because when these recruits stick, they not just add value to the company but also save time and money.

Creating a Positive Company Culture

With the rising competition, the biggest workplace problem is employee engagement. However, there is one team that is always striving hard to create the perfect balance between work and fun. The HR team builds engagement strategies to improve the company culture. This, in return, makes the employees stay longer with the organisation. One must understand that the success of any company depends only on the employees and their hard work. HR team plays a significant role in maintaining positivity in the organisation and keeping environment happy for the employees to excel in their work.

Creating an Established Corporate Culture

This is one of the most crucial things taught in an MBA human resource management course. Human resource professionals play a momentous role in building and maintaining the company’s culture. They work hard towards creating a good impression of the company from day 1. It is their hard work that new employees stick to the company and like the culture. The best employees stick to the company for a long time only when the company’s culture is engaging and positive. No other department of an organisation is responsible for maintaining and developing positivity within the company. This feat is achieved by planning events that uplift the company values and bring together all the employees.

Final Words!

The job of an HR professional is tougher than it seems. They have to be on their toes all the time to keep growing the company in terms of employees and culture. To excel in their job, they must be well-prepared to tackle situations. Universities like UPES believe in offering a 360-degree approach and hence make all their students industry ready. So, if you are thinking of pursuing MBA human resource management, UPES should be your ideal choice.

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