Why Engineering and Medicine are not the only Good Careers



Various people from all over the world at one point or the other have felt the stereotype attached to medical and engineering professions. People tend to think those are the only two good professions or at least the most lucrative. While there might be some truth attached to that, it is not totally true.
This article is to better inform people about some other career paths out there that are just as important. Below are two lucrative fields that might be the goose that lays the golden egg for you.
Paramedical healthcare
Chartered Accountancy

What is Paramedical Healthcare and what do they do

Paramedic healthcare deals with medical emergencies especially those that are outside the hospital. This includes ambulances and other classes of EMS.
This field is not just limited to a course, there are a wide variety of course options when it comes to being a paramedic. Paramedics are majorly those who deal with pre-hospital issues and medical emergencies. They also work in an ambulance to stable the patient pending the time they will be attended to by a doctor

How to become a Paramedic

You can choose to do a certification course, a diploma or a BSc degree. You will then be required to take an entrance examination into your desired college or university. If you qualify, you will be offered admission to study your chosen course in paramedic healthcare. Certification, Diploma or BSc courses may range from 6 months to 3 years depending on your course choice.
The course comprises of a lot of practical as well as theoretical work which helps once you are in the job. After either of the BSc or diploma degree, you can decide to move further with your studies. The certificate courses unlike the other two do not offer this option
There is a long list of paramedical courses. Some of them include x-ray technology, radiography, medical imaging technology, occupational therapy e.t.c. Read list of paramedical courses after 12th.

Job Prospects for Paramedics

Job options for paramedics depend on your course of choice. All paramedics can work in a hospital or with a hospital. Some of the job prospects include optometrists, lab technicians, radiology technicians etc
Trained professionals are often requested for because of the prevalence of people learning on the job. So there is a wide range of options available for people who choose to study a course in paramedic healthcare. You can work with a private or a government establishment, you can also choose to work with fire service.

Chartered Accountancy

The chartered accountant is a recognized body of people who are highly skilled and qualified in the field of finance and business to carry out financial or monetary responsibilities.
Chartered accountants audit companies or accounts, they also give current and meaningful financial advice to individuals or organization that are in need of their services. Their field of work includes forensic accounting, auditing accounting systems, business advisory, corporate finance, tax etc.

Job prospects for Chartered Accountants

Accountants exist in every sphere of the world. They work as auditors for companies, they also work as accountants in financial institutions or banks. An accountant can also choose to have his or her own auditing firm where individuals or organization can hire them as an independent contractor to audit them.
Chartered accountants are highly intelligent people and in wide demand. As long as there is money in the world, there will always be the need for a Chartered Accountant. This is the most recognized profession in the commerce industry

How to become a chartered accountant

To become a chartered accountant, you can either choose to obtain a degree in accounting first; also referred to as a BSc degree and afterward write the qualifying exams to make you chartered. Once you have completed your degree you are required to take up two stages only.
Or you can decide to start the four stages of qualifying exams after your 12th. Chartered Accounting requires a lot of dedication and hardworking. Read CA course details.
Chartered Accountants are recognized and respected all over the world.


The healthcare industry, as well as the commerce industry, are in dire need of highly skilled and talented professionals in these fields. With the help of this article, you might find something that will help your career decision and help you find fulfillment

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