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Honor 4x Mobile

Huawei Honor 4X is worth expecting for the full network smart phone. Though there are other huawei mobile that also support full network, but most are at a high price, such as the iPhone 6. While this Huawei Honor Play 4X mobile is much cheaper, this is a great appealing for most users to get a full Netcom 4G mobile.
Honor 4X Review
Huawei Honor Play 4X Review: Specifications

Huawei honor 4X Smartphone Basic Information
Brand Huawei HONOR
Spreading Name Huawei Honor Play 4X, Full Netcom
Appearance design Bar
OS Android 4.4
CPU MSM8916 quad core 1.2GHz
GPU Adreno 306 400MHz
Sim Card Dual SIM Card Dual Standby

This Honor Play 4X mobile is mainly positioned at the Mid-market, thought the whole configuration can‘t reach to the flagship standard, there is no trouble when using.
Especially it has adopted a 64 bit Qualcomm processor, which shows a better performance, and will offer a fast operating experience on the daily use.

This Huawei new mobile uses a 5.5 inch IOS screen with a 1280×720 pixels resolution, showing a good balance both on the display effect and the power consumption, and it will have a lower power consumption under the exquisite image quality, making it possible to have a longer battery life. Besides, it also adopts the OTP calibration process, which is the same as the flagship version, and can show more real colors, as well as a better visual experience when watching videos and playing games.

This Huawei 4X mobile has 5.0MP front camera, and adopts the 22mm wide-angle lens, and the shooting range has been up to 88°, with which you can take better group-photos. At the same time, it is also built-in beauty function, making it easier for whitening and acne. Besides, it is also equipped with a 13.0MP back camera, and adopts the CD grain of “The City of Sky”, as well as the advanced diamond milling process, which offers a good touching quality.

The system buttons from left to right at the bottom of the mobile respectively represent the return key, Home key and menu key in order. And there is no backlight for the buttons, which is a little inconvenient. As to the back cover, it uses the plastic material, and adding the twill decoration, offers a good quality for touching. And the LOGO of HONOR is integrated with embroidery style, which looks more fashionable. Besides, the back shell of the mobile also feels comfortable. The thickness of the fuselage is 8.65mm, and the thinnest part is only 7.9mm, which is relative thin on the 5.5 inch large screen mobiles. On the right of the model are the power button and volume button, which also provide a clear voice, after entering the buttons, you will see a obvious button reflecting.

The speaker of the mobile adopted the design of integrated sound chamber and side of the sound. In addition, it also uses a dual-side pickup + silicon wheat voice noise reduction technology. Both at the top border and the bottom of the phone there is a microphone, even in a noisy environment; it can also provide a high-quality call effect. Of course, the HONOR 4X also support dual SIM card dual standby, and SIM 1 both support FDD-LTE and TD-LTE dual 4G network. It also adopts the advanced LDS process, dual antenna design, which has a better performance on the signal and network speed.

The standard battery capacity of this Huawei mobile is 3000mAh, ensuring an enough using time, if not using for too long, it will last for 2 days or longer, from which we can see the whole battery life is relative good.


Huawei-Honor-4X-ReviewEMUI 3.0:
Huawei honor 4X adopted the new EMUI 3.0 version, making the complex operating simpler, even the users who are first to connect with the Android mobiles can quickly adapt to it. Slide down from the bottom of the mobile you can open the notification and quick setting menu interface. At any interface of the main screen, pressing the blank area for long, you can open the edit interface of the main screen, which can change the wallpaper and animation effects, add plug-ins, as well as change the layout, and it can displayed at the rank of 4X4 or 4X5.

EMUI 3.0 on the interface cleverly used the timeline to serial information, let you see more directly of the past records, including the call records, SMS and interface such as photo albums are the way of the timeline, the calls and send text messages can be clear at a glance. In any interface of the main screen, slide down the home screen can open the search interface, search local contacts, applications, audio and video files, pictures, text messages, memos, seamlessly extend to the Internet, and want to query what can search here directly.

EMUI 3.0 divide the setting interface into two categories, separately is the common setting and all setting. The honor 4X play edition support gesture operation, and support light up the screen by double-clicking under the dark screen. What’s more, it also supports quickly to open your phone by writing any letter on the screen, which is very convenient.

This Huawei Honor mobile support 4G full netcom, and support 50 operators, to realize “going global in one”, more convenient.

The Honor play 4X mobile is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8916 quad core 1.2GHz processor, with 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM, and support up to 32GB card extended, though it cannot reached the same level of the flagship version at the whole performance, it can also offer a fast operating experience.

Though Antutu Benchmark distance existed, it can also offer a fast speed both for watching videos and playing games. HD video can be smoothly played, and no suspended. Support 1080P video playback with the formats of MP4, MOV, etc. It also support online videos through the built-in playing software, which offer ultra-high and high definition models, you can have a better video experience at a good network speed.

Another point that worth watching is the camera specs. We have already mentioned that is is equipped with a 13.0MP Sony BSI sensor, and reaching the same standard on the hardware as the flagship, as to its software, it support filters, panorama, continuous shooting and other functions, which is very comprehensive.

Last but not the least, when it comes to the battery life of the mobile, we take the single card as a test, at the state of opening 4G network as well as the Wi-Fi function, it can be normally worked for one day. After three hours for Internet, two hours listening to music, one hour for playing games, as well as send letters in one day, the phone is also remaining 39% of the electricity. If closing the 4G network, and use it not long, it can even last for 2 days.

The total performance of the Huawei Honor Play 4X mobile, except for the mediocre appearance, it offers a good performance experience and system, especially support full Netcom and the camera specification. The full Netcom support the SIM card provided by any operator in domestic, while camera specs of this Huawei mobile can satisfy the increasingly stringent standards of people, and thus you high can share the high quality photos with your friends.

Honor 4x Mobile

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