Horse Farm | Funny Emails | Don’t Even Reply

There are certain emails that don’t deserve an answer. If you post a requirement or a request on a random forum, you can expect answers ranging from funny to outrageous. The internet is full of trolls and if you happen to meet people who post funny messages, or something weird, you really don’t have to reply. As much as you must, be certain that playing Farmville is not going to make you a rancher or give you an insight into having a horse farm.

In this info graphics titled, “Horse Farm | Funny Emails | Don’t Even Reply” you will see an example of how an email could have rather been left unanswered. There are a lot of things people post on a forum. Yahoo answers being the most popular for funny emails or instant messages, a few people have a lot of time in their hands to kill time this way, leave alone old horses.

You will also see how people having animal farms remorselessly kill old animals instead of letting them die their natural death, just because they don’t yield anymore. Also, if you post online saying you will do any job because you are in need, you might get lots of unwanted emails you shouldn’t reply to.

Likes- Has humor that depicts you should be careful while posting and shouldn’t reply to every email.

Dislikes- The message of this infographic is not clear; has only a single, elaborate example.
Horse Farm | Funny Emails | DontEvenReply

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