Is Print Dead?

Post the digital news and the internet, the sales have tanked in the print industry with a very great margin. Till the year 2008, the print industry had generated a lot of profits and jobs too were aplenty. Post that year, when information and news got digital and people started browsing the news on the internet more than buying newspapers and magazines, the sales have come down, pretty much.

In this infographics titles, “Is Print Dead”, you will see how the sales of print media has systematically declined over years. Since eBooks have gained their popularity, most of the people who used to buy magazines and books, are now downloading it from the internet for a fraction of the cost. Also, since a few eBooks are for free, it does not encourage the average user to buy a book in print.

It is highly likely that an average American would rather buy a tablet instead of books and magazines. Also, since most of the users are apprehensive about the news, they read and watch it online that comes for free and is updated more frequently just by subscribing to it, instead of paying for a newspaper.

The business of commercial screen printing, book printing, and other forms of printing has thus been reduced drastically. Since most of the people use document software and mail to share information, this industry might lose its edge to digital media.

Likes- Concise information about the dying business of print industry.

Dislikes- Unstructured information and redundant data.

Is Print Dead?


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