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Gynecology Complications In Women

Gynecology Complications In Women

In the last two decades, the world has seen a lot of positive changes with respect to the growth of women in the country. There are a lot of case studies and documentaries made on successful women who ruled the country. It would be undermining to say that women are like two eyes of any country as they are much more than that. Given all the growth and women empowerment, there is a significant increase in the level of stress women have started to endure. They have started to take in a lot of pressure. This has in-fact has taken a toll on their health.

Gynecology Complications

There is a lot of complications which women are facing currently. When it comes to gynec complications there are few widespread complications which affect women very easily. Some of the complications are like Fibroids, PCOD, endometriosis, and cysts.

Most of these complications affect women during their active reproductive age which is 25+ years old and hence we are especially looking into women who are preparing themselves for pregnancy. Let us first look into PCOD or PCOS which expands to polycystic ovarian disorder or syndrome. This is not a disease but a condition wherein there are a lot of male hormones produced in the body and because of which we feel like less feminine.

By less feminine, we mean the changes that happen in our body like facial and chest hair, missed periods and anxiety. You should immediately visit your nearby leading female gynecologist in Pune or any other city you belong to. It is very important to cure the illness before it is too late. Fibroids and cysts are solid lumps of masses found in uterus passage, fallopian tubes or even in the ovaries. These will affect the fertilization of the egg cell with the sperm or sometimes, it will prevent the release of an egg cell and hence conception is not possible.

Hence, women need to have a constant check-up and follow-ups with any best women healthcare expert cum gynecologist in Mumbai or any other city you belong too. Act sooner than later as our health is our precious gift. Even though you are more focused on your career, marriage and childbirth will definitely make you feel complete women. Eat healthy food, follow an active lifestyle and do not let obesity near you. being overweight has a lot of disadvantages and nearly half of health ailments are due to being over-weight.