Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas

Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas

We often wonder about people, customs and things. People often make New Year’s resolutions for such things as stopping smoking, losing weight and/or exercising. We do agree that these are important things and that they are important now. Why would people delay in doing these things?

A similar event is in regards to Christmas. Of course, you ought to give Christmas gifts to a person on Christmas day; it would appear strange if you did that on August 18. A thing, however, like a website does not care. However, if you are reading the “Best Gifts for Your Website This Christmas” infographic on or about Christmas, or if you want to practice its theme of the 12 days of Christmas, then feel free to delay.

Some noteworthy suggestions or “presents” for your website include search and navigation features. These are rightly shown as being the first because they are the most important and relevant to your viewers and readers. However, like Christmas gifts, there ought not to be too much of a good thing, and we do prefer minimalism. We have seen websites that have four or more ways to search for something within the website, and that seems too cluttered. We always look for one search box.

People may search for particular words or phrases within a website, but they also search for themes and dates. Thus, your pages must be entitled or described by something that is usually called “categories” or “labels”, and they ought to be dated in order to fit into an archive (especially relevant for blogs).

Likes: The gift of SEO is mandatory because without it, potential viewers would never see the other gifts.

Dislikes: Nothing as such.

Best Gifts For Your Website This Christmas

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