A Hero is Born: Flash Memory

We confess that we are not always astute or knowledgeable in regards to technology, and especially in reference to trends. We certainly are not authoritative in this topic. Perhaps it is because we, as are many other people, not as much interested in how or why something works; we simply want something that works. However, the “A Hero is Born: Flash Memory” infographic does seem to fulfill both characteristics.

We feel that it educated us in some aspects of technology without being too technological or full of jargon. We certainly appreciated the comparison and contrast of disk storage (which is suitable for computers and some laptops) with that of flash storage (which is suitable for mobile devices and digital cameras). We feel that it helps us in our decision on certain products.

We have found that smartphones are too small for our purposes and have little of the functionality that we need. Laptops do have everything that we seek, but are too big (especially in this day of very small and lightweight products). We feel that tablets would be an ideal compromise but have been frequently told that they are useless, worthless and not worth the amount of money spent on them.

As implied above, we do not have experience with tablets, and cannot verify the assertions of others one way or another. However, the advice is food for thought. Maybe we will just wait for those implanted chips that will allow us to access the Internet with our brains. (Ha ha.)

Likes: Again, the information was very educational, and it was also very creative.

Dislikes: A better description of the history would have been appreciated.

This Infographic displays A Hero is Born: Flash Memory. Brought to you by wikibon.org.
A Hero is Born: Flash Memory 1


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