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FreeNet: A Boon to the Needy

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Internet is a huge network of several different interlinked networks relating to the business, government, academic, and even smaller domestic networks, therefore internet is known as the network of all the other networks. These networks enable the internet to be used for various important functions which include the several means of communications like the file transfer, the online chat and even the sharing of the documents and web sites on the WWW, or the World Wide Web.

Internet is undoubtedly the most crucial technology of the modern world, the useful application has not only made our lives easier than ever before but it also plays a very important role in the future developments. Everyone is of course very well known that internet has the global advantages than just a few concentrated ones. With the introduction of the internet the global communication has become a matter of just the finger tips of the users. The internet has brought about the various different, innovative communication means like the emailing, chatting, and the voice conversation system over the internet.

The concept of FreeNet by Facebook brings together technology leaders, non-profits and local communities to connect the two-thirds of the world which do not access internet. It is said that only one out of three people can access internet. The problems of these people are many because of expensive devices and service plans, limited power sources. The initiative of Free Internet removes these barriers and gives the unconnected majority of the world the power to connect.

For the students and educational purposes the FreeNet could be used to gather information so as to do the research or add to the knowledge of any sort of subject they have. Even the business personals and the professions like doctors, could access the internet to filter the necessary information for their use. This initiative participants share tools, resources and best practices to explore solution in three major opportunity areas viz. affordability, efficiency and business models.

1) Affordability: participant’s joins forces to develop technology that decreases the cost of delivering data to people worldwide, and helps expand internet access in under-served communities. No one will have to choose between foods or medicine and access to the internet.

2) Efficiency:

Transmitting data even a text message or a simple web page requires bandwidth, something that’s scarce in many parts of the world. Partners will invest in tools and software to improve data compression capabilities and make data networks and services run more efficiently.

3) Business Model:

Connecting billions of people is a massive global effort that requires ongoing innovation. Developers, mobile operators and device manufacturers will work together to introduce business models that give people more ways to go online.

Making the internet available to every person on the earth is a goal too large and too important for any company, group or government to solve alone. Everyone participating in have come together to meet this challenge because it is believed to be the power of a connected world.

FreeNet: A Boon to the Needy