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The Intersection of Healthcare and IT

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Nowadays when you visit your doctor’s clinic your physician use a tablet to take notes and store your medical records electronically. It is useful, since managing medical information involves a great deal of efforts and resources. This technology revolution has urged the field of “health informatics” which describes the intersection of healthcare and information technology. The infographic below named “The Intersection of Healthcare and IT” by the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) Online Masters of Health Informatics, have segregated and described health informatics and the amalgamation of technology and healthcare.

According to the UIC program, health informatics systems manages all the aspects of effective and efficient planning, collection, organization and use of data to create information within the healthcare system. Healthcare informatics can reduce malpractice claims and streamline the medical care process. Health informatics connects the healthcare world with the information it needs while always looking for a better wellness and provide higher quality care and protect patient safety.

There are some disadvantages too, according to the doctors, electronic health records negatively affect care and some believe that it reduces one to one interaction with the patients. Groom into this infographic, and get informed about this new technology. It is a quite interesting career and there will be a boom in this sector soon.

Likes: Exposure for healthcare informatics is needed. From the same field, I assure more growth in coming years. Informative for the readers to face new challenges in healthcare sector.

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The Intersection of Healthcare and IT
The Intersection of Healthcare and IT