Infographic: Facebook vs Google Plus

Wow! Something after our own hearts! We have often debated and discussed, compared and contrasted, the relative merits of Facebook and Google Plus. We have, however, discussed things different from those in the “Facebook vs Google Plus” infographic. This does mean, however, that we can use it as fodder for our future discussions.

Regarding location, we do like the Local tab of Google+ and do use it to find anything and everything from health care clinics, restaurants, hotels, and much much more. We assume and believe that Facebook has something similar (although it could be more limited in scope). However, we are not adept at this so we cannot speak as authoritatively.

Contrary to the infographic, we have found that the location (Facebook places) is quite good. What we do not like about it though, is that it uses old names. For example, if we want to find something in Kolkata then it will not be shown or allowed; we have to type in the name of “Calcutta”. What is the matter with Facebook? The name of Kolkata is older than Facebook itself. Also, do we have to type in the Soviet Union, Burma, Ceylon, Czechoslovakia, Ceylon, the Ottoman Empire, Rhodesia, French Indo-China or the Thirteen Colonies?

Likes:  There obviously was a lot of thought put into this infographic, and compares favourably with our own comparisons and contrasts of the two.

Dislikes: As with all rapidly changing technology, hardware, software, and websites, some of the information is outdated and no longer relevant.

Facebook vs Google Plus Infographic


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