Infographic: 7 Types of Free Shipping

Everyone is up for something “free”, but to be honest is it really free? After all, TANSTAAFL (there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch). With that in mind, the infographic below shows “7 Types of Free Shipping”.

All of these are of the aforementioned one type: free–with qualifications. If you make a minimum purchase then you can get “free” shipping. Of course, by purchasing a certain amount, then the company meets its profit margins and can afford to provide you with free shipping. As an example, if you purchase $50 worth of items then the company may make $15 in profit, so they can certainly pay for the $7 in shipping the item. The other scenarios also follow this principle. For example, if you purchase some membership program then some of that money can go toward providing you with free shipping.

Another way to get free shipping is for there to be no shipping; for you to get the item yourself. For example, you can purchase something online, and have it sent to its local brick-and-mortar store.

Shipping costs can be a deterrent. We remember wanting to purchase something for a colleague and was hindered because of the excessive taxes on it. Shipping charges can also be an unpleasant surprise at times.

Likes: The statistics (in the bottom half of the infographic) makes everything more relatable.

Dislikes: None. This is quite detailed without sounding too boring.

Shipping Infographic

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