Expired Bike Insurance? Know More About Renewal & Its Benefits


It is mandatory for every two-wheeler owner to have a two-wheeler insurance. You cannot drive the two-wheeler without an insurance policy for the same. An insurance policy will have to be renewed from time to time and if you forget to do so, the policy could lapse.

Why should you renew the insurance?

Here are a few reasons why you should renew your insurance policy without fail.

 1. Protection from Natural Disasters

When you renew the two wheeler insurance, you save yourself from the significant expenses, which might occur due to a natural disaster like earthquake, flood, cyclone, storm, landslide or a fire. Your policy will provide for the cost of repairing the damages, which are caused to the two-wheeler due to the calamities.

2. Security from Manmade Calamities

Any damage or loss to the two-wheeler due to activities like war, burglary, theft or accident will be covered under the policy. It will provide for the cost of service or replacement depending on the situation.

3. Protect Your Legal Interest

The mandatory third party insurance will ensure that you are free from any third-party liability that could arise in case of an accident. Renewal of the policy will ensure that you do not bear the expense for fixing the damages to the vehicle or the property or person.

4. Get Discounts

When you renew the policy on time, you can get benefit of discounts like a No Claim Bonus (NCB). You will be rewarded with a discount on the premium if you have made no claims during the period of the policy on your third party insurance for bike.

Steps for renewal

It is possible to renew the policy online as well as offline. The only documents you need for renewal are a copy of the insurance policy and certificate of registration of the two-wheeler. For bike insurance renewal online, you need to log on to the official website of the company using your id and password.

You can click on the ‘renewal’ button and fill in the details of the policy. Further, you can select if you want to add any add-on covers to the policy and click the ‘submit’ button.

You now have to make the payment of premium using the credit card, net banking or a debit card. The policy will be renewed within no time.


 You can choose numerous add-ons for your policy. They will provide you with an extensive coverage and will ensure that you are covered at all times. You can choose an add-on at the time of renewal of your policy. It will give you an additional cover at a slightly higher premium.

Calculate your premium online

It is possible for you to calculate the premium online. All you need to do is provide the vehicle registration number and you will get a quote based on the same. The calculator is available online and will facilitate comparison of different policies within a few seconds.

Always research the market and choose an insurance provider who offers a comprehensive coverage on the policy with value-added features.

There must never be any excuse for non-renewal of the policy and you need to set a reminder to ensure that the policy is renewed on time and you are always covered under it.

You could land up in legal and financial trouble if you are driving your two-wheeler without a valid two- wheeler insurance cover in India.

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