Experience Scuba Diving at Grand Island in Goa


Vacations are something significant for Scuba Dive Goa, which we always want to express by providing you quality care in the service. When we say we take care of our customer requirements in terms of providing quality tours and travels, we mean a lot.

Indians are very enthusiastic. We know your dream to accomplish a great scuba diving experience is something very spacious to you. Therefore, we selected the location as Goa.

The Grand Island is one of the best places for doing activity like boat tours, scuba diving, snorkeling and dolphin tours. As a team, we are doing this for many days, and today we stand with quality customer feedback and recommendations which makes our services distinguished from others.

Diving at Grand Island, Goa

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Goa is a beautiful place, and the great grand island is something which can’t be expressed my words. Therefore, your trip to this place will make you amazed with those beautiful scenarios and that too with experiencing scuba diving. We consider that few of the people don’t find scuba diving easy to do. Reason being they fear for numerous factors.

We sometimes also get afraid being the first-timer for the activity and become a bit nervous to do it. But inside we carry the desire for cherishing the nature. Therefore, we have experienced and expert training team onboard to help you out with all the necessities.

These people will lead you very gently and professionally in each step of the activity. Many people who are not totally fit with it, and fear from underwater, dive in the deep Arabian Sea etc. you don’t have to worry about any such thing.

Before you start diving in the sea, you will be introduced with all the “do’s and don’ts” of scuba diving. In the time of your training, you will be provided with a pool where you will be trained for 45 minutes in the shallow water, and that will make your mind prepared to do it.

More details about Grand Island you can check on Grand Island Website

Diving Training

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Our scuba diving lessons are helpful and friendly. The trainers are very comfortable to deal with the first-timers. Once you come to their influence, you will get your mind out of all the fears. Starting from very young people to old, every age person feels comfortable and safe with our diving training team.

Therefore, they enjoy throughout the trip and enjoy a better involvement in this activity. Once you get into the action, the remarkable beauty of the Arabian sea reflecting with different types of corals, fishes, and creatures will make you feel that you are in a dreamland. And such a dream sequence will leave you speechless.

How much it cost & Your Benefits

Scuba diving is very popular, and one of the best activities that can be done in Arabian sea. If you had this dream since your childhood and didn’t get the right opportunity to move forward, then here what you have today to grab.

The package for this trip is well optimized with pricing that everyone can afford it. Your package to Grand Island comes with numerous beneficial attributes which save your additional costs. People coming for the trip will get the best class journey that won’t make them feel uncomfortable to travel.

Foods are included from our side. Including snacks and Tiffin, you will be offered lunch & dinner. All the way of your trip, you will be provided with light snacks, biscuits, fruits, water, and juices. We care for your taste, therefore for the lunch, we make it available with both the veg and non-veg dishes.

After you get done with your scuba diving in the grand Arabian sea, you will get barbeques for lunch. Under non-veg, we also have differentiation with various tasty dishes that will make your trip more memorable.

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We provide the equipment required for scuba diving. Therefore, additionally, you won’t be required to buy anything. Besides scuba diving, there are other complementary activities too that you will do. Such activities include different sight visiting, playing other games in the Arabian sea, dolphin sightings, visiting other beaches etc.

We pick our peoples from multiple locations i.e. Calangute / Baga / Candolim / Arpora / Sinquerim and Nerul. All these places have good hotels to hold and all other facilities. You will be directly picked by us for the trip form these above places. The usual pick up that we follow is 8:00 AM to 8:30 AM. Including everything in the package, we assure our customers that your each penny will be worth spending.

  • Pick up time: 8:00 am – 8:30 am
  • Trip duration: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
  • Start Location: Coco beach jetty
  • Dive Location: Grande Island
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Above all safety is our major concern. Therefore, we request you not to become worried about privacy and life safety issues, that has been taken care off. The basic pricing for this trip starts from 1900/-, This trip is very suitable for groups of friends. People who are coming in groups and buying multiple tickets, we have special discounts for them.

Our pricing is so competitive and tremendously affordable. Your takeaways don’t stop here. People who are willing to avail a “Scuba Diving Certificate” for themselves, they can easily get it by paying amount. This certificate will help you in different purposes.

Accessories that we provide You for Scuba Diving

  • Oxygen Tank.
  • Rubber Fins.
  • Face mask and snorkel.
  • Regulator and Buoyancy control device

Note – We don’t provide swimsuit. The swimsuit you have to wear your own. All the above accessories will be provided by the team where you will be getting your training. You can also get the wetsuit, but for that, you have to make a prior request.

Tips for the diving trip

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We are an experienced team of people who are organizing this trip for years. Therefore, all the people who are coming to enjoy this lovely trip, we always recommend them something valuable that they don’t fall in trouble. There are some very useful tips for you, that you need to follow during the trip. Following these suggestions will keep you healthy and safe.

  • During the trip, you are requested to be hydrated. Try to drink the right amount of water and juices to keep yourself cool & hydrated.
  • Please try not to bring any expensive kinds of stuff like jewellery, accessories etc. We don’t risk your products.
  • These things you need to carry your own i.e. comb, umbrella, sunglasses, moisturizer, and other required stuff.
  • And the very important instruction, please maintain the cleanliness of the sea & the city. You are requested not to drop or through anything in the sea as this will cause water pollution.

#Remember, we don’t provide stuff like towels and pen drives. For carrying your pictures & videos you must carry pen drives.

Your Pictures & Videos of Scuba Diving

We know you would love to have your own pictures and videos while diving in the great Arabian sea. We have professional photographers for that. You will get around 8-10 pictures and 2-3 min videos. They will click the awesome pictures that you can take with you.

This is to remind you that photography is absolutely depending on the current of the ocean and the comfort level. We take the foremost care of safety. Therefore, you will be clicked if the situation is all comfortable. And for 99 out of 100 cases, we become successful with this.

Recommended for –

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The trip to Grand Island is open to all. But its recommended that you come with your group of friends that you can enjoy the best. Also, when you come with your group of friends, you get discounts on the tickets. Couples and families are always welcome. But if you are coming as a single couple, then you might feel a bit hampered of privacy. So, try coming with a big group, we guarantee you will get back with fantastic memories.

Who cannot do Scuba Diving

  • This is to inform you that children under 12 years are not allowed to dive.
  • People who are having heart problems, water phobia and women who are pregnant are not allowed to dive.
  • If you are having any sensitive skin infection or allergies from sea water, then it’s better not to join.


Providing the trip to Grand Island with ultimate scuba diving under that affordable is a great opportunity for all the diving and sea lovers out there. So, we request you not too late to grab such an amazing opportunity. You people are also having the opportunity to check out the live feedback from those who already experienced it.

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Want to book scuba diving ? Well You can easily book it online on scuba Diving Goa Website. Pictures of their scuba diving are also available to you, with which you can nourish your thoughts. Remember friends, don’t keep thoughts like non-swimmers cannot enjoy this trip. As like the expert swimmer, a non-swimmer can also enjoy it ultimately.

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