EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for MAC

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for MAC

Don’t stress yourself if you have accidentally lost your precious data on your MAC-based devices because EaseUS DATA RECOVERY WIZARD is the best data recovery software that can solve your data losing cases in three simple clicks. EaseUS DATA RECOVERY WIZARD is best to recover all your lost files or accidental deletion of any important data. Moreover, it is free of cost in recovering 2GB of your data on MAC-based devices. It is one of the best ranking software in the market and its customer reviews have rated it in the higher ranks.


Mac data recovery software is found in numbers in the market but only EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software is compatible with all the MAC OS build devices. it has the best feature to extract all the sort of data that you might have lost in a single click. It has two recovery modes, built-in-bootable mode, import and export, file filter and preview feature. There are two ways of data recovery of EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software, one is quick to scan that goes through your deleted files and the other one is the deep scan that helps to penetrates deep in the memory then it searches all the hidden and inaccessible files.

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Three easy steps to Mac data recovery:

  1. Locate
  2. Scan
  3. Recover

This is the three simple step methodology of Mac data recovery procedure. Firstly, it locates the deleted file. Secondly, it scans that file. And in the end, your lost data is recovered. Just imagine how easy is to recover your data in MAC devices. 

Types of data EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software can recover in MAC devices:

  1. It recovers the accidental deletion of files.

That means if you have just cleared your files and then you chose to empty your trash bin, this the way of deleting something permanently from the storage but EaseUS Mac data recovery software can recover that in just one click for you.  

  • It recovers formatted and RAW formatted storage.

In this case, you have lost your data because you inserted some corrupted drive in your device. EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software can recover this also.

  • It has data partition recovery and others.

It can recover all the hidden and inaccessible data that have lost in your device. This is the best feature of EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software that it can recover all the sort of data.

EaseUS DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE has all the features available for its free users. It is somehow the most fascinating fact that EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software is providing all the features free-of-cost. You can recover nearly 2 GB of data through this software. But only EaseUS DATA RECOVERY software provides this facility to its MAC users. As all the other software in the market are charging very for this. They are having fewer features comparatively and they have more cost for recovery. EaseUS Mac data recovery is always the most fascinating recovery software that has countless amazing features for MAC-based devices.

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