Dremel 4000 vs 4300: Compared & Reviewed

Dremel 4000 vs 4300

Dremel 4000 vs 4300

Dremel is the market leader in the world of rotary toolkits for fine grinding and sanding. Dremel kit makes even the most challenging fine detail work a breeze.

But out of a very big range which is the most versatile and easy to use. Among the most popular models are the dremel 4000 vs 4300.

Dremel 4300

The 4300 model is considered by many to be among the most versatile and powerful rotary tools. Users appreciate the Dremel 4300 features that make it different including:

  •         A rotating pivot light
  •         Its universal 3-jaw chuck
  •         The way is grinds, polishes, cuts and carves
  •         Its ball-bearing construction
  •         An 8-amp motor with variable speeds and between 5,000 and 35,000 RPM

For different tasks this tool includes accessories:

For cutting it offers a spiral bit, a multipurpose cutting bit, a guide point bit, a thin-cut and a cut-off wheel,  a lock for both the wood cutting and grinding wheels.

For carving it comes with a diamond wheel point, a high-speed cutter, and an engraving HS cutter.

For cleaning, there is a carbon brush wheel, felt for the polishing wheel, some polishing compound, and a lock-polishing cloth.

For grinding, both aluminum oxide and silicon carbide grinding stones are included.

For sanding, there are sanding discs and bands.

With a sharpening wheel attached the Dremel 4300 can sharpen knives, shears, scissors and other blades.

The Dremel 4300 comes with a circle cutter, a right-angle attachment, a pilot light, a shield, a straight edge guide, another guide for sanding and grinding, a garden tool sharpener along with a lot more.

Dremel 4000

The Dremel 4000 is a durable, variable-speed rotary tool for the budget-conscious. It is able to tackle most tasks even though it’s less advanced and a little more ancient than the 4300. Its features include:

  •         A 360⁰ grip zone
  •         A 6-amp motor with variable speeds and 5,000-35,000 RPM with electronic feedback
  •         Six attachments and 50 accessories
  •         An EZ Twist for quick changes of accessories
  •         A hard carrying case along with an accessory case

The 4000 is regarded as a solid rotary tool. With its integrated nose cap wrench, accessories can be switched with ease. The Dremel 4000’s EZ Twist system allows changes to be done accurately.

Similarities between the 4000 and the 4300

Both have:

  •         Two-year warranties
  •         Powerful motors
  •         Ergonomic designs
  •         5,000-35,000 RPM variable speed ranges
  •         Designs that allow excellent airflow

Differences between the 4000 and the 4300

  •         The 4000 is noisier than the 4300, which operates with minimal sound
  •         The 4000 can be used with all Dremel’s accessories and attachments
  •         4000 is cheaper
  •         The 4300 can light the work area unlike the 4000

Dremel 4000 vs Dremel 4300

The Dremel 4300 is larger and more powerful with a 1.8 amp motor and has more accessories than the  4000, which only has a 1.6 Amp motor.

Dremel 4000 Pros

  •         Powerful Motor
  •         Quick accessory changes  possible
  •         Comfortable grip
  •         Total of 50 accessories
  •         Hard storage case
  •         Compatible with all Dremel accessories

Dremel 4000 Cons

  •         Heats up quickly

Dremel 4300 Pros

  •         Hard case
  •         Powerful motor
  •         Illumination for workspaces
  •         Lots of attachments and accessories
  •         Compatible with most Dremel attachments

Cons of the Dremel 4300

  •         Bulky case


The 4000 is economical but 4300 is quicker with a stronger more powerful motor. The 4000 is a perfectly decent rotary device but it’s noisy. However, if you on a budget this unit is especially highly recommended.

4300 is a convenient and versatile tool that is able to tackle a good range of projects.  Its universal 3-jaw chuck system makes sure switching accessories is easy and quick.

Budget and experience level are the two key factors to bear in mind when you choose the rotary tool for you.

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