Keep Your Car Safe

The tips in the “Keep Your Car Safe” infographic are good, general security tips. If you found yourself homeless and forced to sleep on the streets then following the tips can help you personally, as well. Just as with the car, you would want to be in public, in a well-lit place, and your belongings close to you.

Or maybe not. One of the tips was to not have the keys in the ignition. This of course is common-sense advice and should be followed. However, we do recall an incident of meeting a friend in Koreatown in Los Angeles very many years ago. We went away to an event for a few hours and when we returned, we discovered that he had kept his keys in the rear door, open and accessible to anyone! Anyone, even a five year old boy, could have taken the keys, and stolen anything in the car, as well as the car itself. Of course, we cannot recommend that you try to duplicate this instance, but it does illustrate that your car may be safer than you think.

Or maybe not. There are many reports of the types of cars that car thieves tend to prefer. This infographic shows the ones that were most likely to be stolen in 2010. We do find it strange that almost all of the cars are 10-20 years older than that. Perhaps car thieves are aware that more recent models have GPS, so they would not stay stolen for long.

Likes: A very detailed infographic on how to take care of your car.

Dislikes: Nothing.

Keep Your Car Safe

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