All About Breast and Bra Sizes

Breast Sizes

There are changes that happen to a human being’s body right from the time they are conceived in a mother’s womb. Every infant, irrespective of whether it is a girl or a boy or eunuch, undergoes some changes in those stages up until adulthood.

Now, as they hit puberty, the female body starts to change in different ways than the male’s body. The hormonal changes are what set them apart. One very vital aspect of changes in the female’s body is the appearance of mammary glands from the breasts, while in a male’s body the breasts do not develop into any mammary.

However, due to shame and social stigma, many women do not talk about their breast sizes, which is why they never come to know the right bra size for them.

Bra and Breast Sizes Infographic Verdict

In this infographic “Bra and Breast sizes” the development of the breasts during puberty in a female is depicted. Each step is depicted to make you understand them better. If you have any teenage niece, daughter or granddaughter, you may as well want them to read this for explaining them the process. This will help them to look at it scientifically and accept the changes in their body rather than being frightened by the process.

Health is a great aspect of our survival. Why should women not have the luxury to pursue it too? Knowing about your body and how it develops will empower you to keep it in good health. Also, if there is anything you should be concerned about shall be known.


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Breast Sizes

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