6 Reasons to Buy Life Insurance Plan If You are Getting Married This Year



The decision to get married is probably one of the biggest steps in everyone’s life. The very idea that you would be spending your entire life with your loved one is a warm yet a crucial point in life.

Everyone’s life changes after their marriage but the outcome is dependent on you and the way you plan your future. For instance, any sort of financial as well as emotional setback can affect you, your spouse and even your parents. It’s very natural that you don’t desire a situation where money can be a continuous problem. Therefore, investing in a Term Plans and Life Insurance is extremely essential when you are planning to get married.

Here are some of the reasons that detail why getting a life insurance plan before you get married is a great idea:

Increase in expenses

The importance of a life insurance is not well appreciated amongst many people. It is evident that there is a humungous difference between living a single life and when you are married.

Future savings becomes quite crucial as you have already started sharing your financial situation with someone else and vice versa. While many people wait to start a family to get a life insurance, it is better to get an overview of your financial situation for your future life right when you are getting married.

It is always better to start early than being late

The average life insurance cost increases with age since mortality rate amongst young adults is quite lower when compared to older people. Young adults are also less likely to get critical diseases and illnesses, thereby making them the least risky segment for insurance agencies. Nowadays, acquiring Term Insurance and Life Insurance is quite easy due to lower cost of premiums.

Debt Obligations

A married life brings a lot of changes to your financial condition. You start thinking in terms of savings as well as long term plans such as building a home or buying a car. In case of a sudden death or critical incapacity of a life partner, the entire obligations of debt are shifted to a single person. Even EMI options aren’t viable for long run in such situations. A life insurance with a term plan comes handy in such a scenario.

To cover the expenses of your children

It’s imperative that you plan as a couple. As a parent, you would always want that the needs of your children well taken care of and that you could offer them the best quality education. Therefore, additional coverage from insurance comes in handy.

Protection of Lifestyle

Buying a life insurance will always help you cover any costs in case any critical disability affects your life. This will help your family be financially secure and protect their day to day needs and lifestyle.

Life Insurance for the both of you

Few couples do acknowledge the importance of a life insurance before getting married. Life insurance from Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance also protects your family through death benefit which is paid to the surviving spouse.

While deciding upon the type of policy to invest upon, do consider various factors such as your current as well as future expenses, existing loans, etc. Account for all your debts and then opt for the best Term Plan and Life Insurance from Canara HSBC OBC Life Insurance that covers all these factors.

Always remember that life insurance is the safety cover that you need when you are getting married to protect your future financial situation.

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