Unbelievable Tech Black Friday Deals on Newegg

Black friday deals

Black friday deals

All you tech shoppers can get your grubby paws ready ‘coz the biggest shopping festival is just around the corner. Even those who’re living under a rock would’ve heard about the upcoming Black Friday deals on some of the nation’s biggest retailers and online stores.

Tech consumers are quite synonymous with Newegg & November – the time when some of the craziest deals take place at the online retailer giant.

So, what can we expect at Black Friday 2019 at Newegg? We’re here to give you a low-down on some of the best ongoing and expected deals, along with some tips to get your shopping cart full while availing unbeatable Newegg coupon codes.

Pre Black Friday Deals at Newegg

There’s nothing better than seeing your favorite piece of tech go on sale at hugely discounted prices. Newegg, who’s at the forefront of Tech marketplace makes it a worthy season to save up and shop your Wishlist that you’d been wanting all year long! The company has just announced their Pre Black Friday deals which includes some amazing products.

For example, you can now get a spectacular $3,299 LG 55” 4K UHK Smart OLED Television for only $1,599 with a whopping discount of $1,700!

If you’re on the lookout for a gaming laptop, you can pick up the ASUS TUF 15.6″ Gaming Laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 for $1,199, which is a whole $200 less than $1,399.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB Console (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Bundle) is now available at a discounted price of $347, down from its original price of $499.

And that’s not all! There’s a whole slew of Tech gear going for sale at unbelievable discounts all through the shopping fest. Be sure to get your Wishlist ready on time! Check out Slickdeals to get some incredible Newegg coupons to use on your Black Friday sale.

4 Reasons I choose Newegg for Shopping on Black Friday

Newegg may be the second largest online retailer of the country, but it truly is my favorite place to shop online, especially during Black Friday. Below are my reasons to pick this ecommerce giant for my holiday shopping –

1. Great Website Navigation & Layout

Right from the home page, Newegg makes it very easy to navigate through their site to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly. Every part of the site is layered and easily distinguishable so that we don’t get confused.

I especially like the left navigation pane which allows me to filter out unwanted features and quickly narrow down to precise preferences. For example, I can find products based on manufacturer or down to each feature set.

2. Easy way to Compare Products

When we are inundated with so many products on the site, Newegg provides me the option to compare products head-on which makes my shopping easier. For example, if I’m looking for a laptop, I can easily check and compare a few laptops side-by-side on the same page from different manufacturers to pick out the best value for money product.

3. Amazing Customer Service

My interaction with Newegg’s customer support has always been nothing but exceedingly pleasant. Their support team is quite quick to address queries, even if it’s the smallest or dumbest, in a very efficient manner which builds trust.

4. Rush Processing

Despite having some of the fastest product delivery times in the industry, the company also provides “Rush Processing” – an even faster delivery at a nominal fee, which is something I like and have used often.

Upcoming Deals and Discounts on Newegg Black Friday 2019

We can typically guess what products will go on sale at this Black Friday based on the previous years’ holiday deals.
We are pretty sure that there will be huge discounts on Gaming Laptops from manufacturers such as MSI, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, and Asus. PC builders can have a ball of a time as you can expect to see huge discounts on computer components such as Processors (both Intel & AMD), Graphic cards, Motherboards, SSDs, etc. High-end monitors as well as premium Headphones would also be available for a lot less. Also watch out for projectors, audio systems and gaming consoles to cost way less.

Our final advice to all holiday shoppers is to –
 Get your Wishlist ready with as many products as possible (you never know which one may go on sale)
 Have them filtered in to columns such as: Must buy, Alternative, and Nice to have, so that you can then decide your shopping based on the budget and available deal
 Have a price comparison site open to check the live prices of products

Happy Black Friday Shopping!

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