7 Essential Tips – How to Prepare for CAT Exam in 2020

CAT Preparation Tips
How to Prepare for CAT
How to Prepare for CAT

CAT is the most famous examination held at National level to provide admission in the IIMs and other prestigious management institutions in Pan India. The level is too tough and hence applicants have to work religiously to reach that grade. The hard work definitely pays off when you get admission in the best management institute that you have put your eyes on.

The most common question we come across while scrolling the various questions asked on the internet that what is the best time to start preparing for CAT? The answer is very simple. It is NOW!

Depending on the caliber of different students, one has to start working from the very moment he/she has thought of getting into management stream. It is not a few days task and hence needs a proper strategy to plan out the whole routine.

Here we are providing you with some tips that might come handy in your whole preparation journey.

  1. CAT is an aptitude test that consists of sections like Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC) Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DI & LR) Quantitative Ability (QA).
  2. Go through the pattern of the exam. Not only last year but previous years too. This would help in understanding the changes and how marking is done.
  3. Next step is to go through the syllabus. It is a good practice to take a print out of the prescribed syllabus of each section separately. And mark the areas that you are already comfortable with. I.e the one where your concepts are clear.
  4. Divide the topics under each section into three different categories-
  • Easy – Where your concepts are clear and you can head to advance preparation for these topics.
  • Moderate – You still need to brush up on the concepts first and then proceed with advance level of these topics.
  • Difficult – You have no idea and concepts are very weak. So you need to get down to the basics first and give some time until you are confident enough for the advanced level. This can be sorted by going through the previous year question papers, minutely examining the topics that are picked up.
  1. Now students can plan a strategy as per their command on the sections and how much time they need to invest in each.
  2. Make a time table that includes every section every day but time allotment depends on the sorting of topics.
  3. So your preparation should basically start like this-
  • Dedicate first 4-5 months on basic concepts. At the end of each week test yourself with mock papers.
  • In the next 2 months increase the difficulty level and experiment with different types of questions asked in each topic.
  • In next month, focus on time and accuracy; make a balance between the two.
  • At last, write as many mock papers and analyze them on a daily basis. Analyzing is very crucial as it will help you get a better understanding of the mistakes and will give you more scope for correction in future.

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Hope these tips will help you do the preparation in a strategic and focused way.

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