Big 4 Australian Banks – Naughty or Nice?

Big 4 Australian Banks - Naughty or Nice? 1

In context of the recent rate cuts, the Australians want to know how much, if at all, their banks have profited from the delay in the rate cuts. This question is imposing itself in the most thorough way as more and more Australians are demanding an answer to the most vital question that poses a threat in front of them. The question is: did they or did they not benefit from the delay in the rate cuts? It is true that the rate cuts have affected the Australians in a major way, but they also want to know the flip side of the story. Every individual senses some sort of conspiracy in their country. Australia is no different. They also want to know whether or not their country is facing some major threats from organizations.

This infographic called “Big 4 Australian Banks – Naughty or Nice” is a fresh reminder to people, that their banks had delayed their cut rate, if not anything else, it is an elaborate explanation and what comes out in the end is that due to the delays, the banks made as much profit as to buy 3 Cadbury Christmas stockings for all the Australian children and that’s a whopping 66 million AUD we are talking about.

The infographic, in a funny way, asks whether their banks have been playing “naughty or nice” since this infographic was may be, released during the Christmas. It shows you the list of the banks that played “nice” and the ones that played “naughty” during the Christmas.


Very sorted description.


The date could’ve been better represented.

Given the recent December rate cuts, many Australians want to know whether if their bank was “Naughty or Nice.” Did they pass the rate cut in full? How long did it take for their banks to react?

This infographic created by Mozo answers these questions and shows that by delaying the passing of the December rate cut, the big 4 Australian banks made a total of $66 million in extra profit – enough to buy 3 Cadbury christmas stockings for every Australian child.

Australian Big 4 Banks - Naughty or Nice?


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