A Relatable Glimpse into Current-Gen Relationships

A Relatable Glimpse into Current-Gen Relationships 1
A Relatable Glimpse into Current-Gen Relationships 2

People say love can never be captured. But I agree to disagree because we can capture the very emotion of love in camera. The camera is one tool that can not only capture emotions but also make you feel it when you watch it. But that’s not to say that we have nailed it all the time. Though the concept of love or the emotion of love has been the same, the way of expressing it has gone through huge changes over the years, especially in the recent past.

One such change is ‘live-in relationship’. No matter how much our parents hate this term, we just cannot shy away from the very reality. It is a thing and it is here to stay. There are some who hate it, and there are some who like it, ‘Balanced’ as all things should be. But the only regret I have is the way the concept of ‘live-in relationship’ is portrayed on screen. Though I love the fact that makers had the guts to show it on the big screen in recent times. But I wish they did in a more realistic way, in a way it would have been more palatable.

A Relatable Glimpse into Current-Gen Relationships 3

But that’s not the case with all of them. One such movie that almost got it right was Ok Kanmani. Though there were some sugar coating at the beginning of the movie, it managed to show the real facets of a ‘live-in relationship’ as the story progressed. However, the closest the cinematic medium came to addressing the idea properly is the recently released ZEE5 Original web series D7. Despite offering a hilarious ride to its viewers, there are certain aspects that make it a window for others to see the reality of live-in relationships. People who are in a live-in relationship couldn’t agree more with all the things shown in the show. So, if you are one of them, then you must go and watch D7.

The difference from others

The things that separate D7 from the other web series is its characterisation and how that characterisation has actually helped the audience further relate to D7. The makers of the show made sure that the characters are not only real but also have some fun elements in them. Like my personal favourite will be the one essayed by RJ Sachin. He looks and sounds like some of my friends I know and hang out with. Also, there is Meenakshi. Though Isai’s is the lead of the show, I think Meenakshi’s portrayal of her friend is every open-minded woman I know.

The realism of D7 doesn’t just stop there. It even continues with the dialogues that were used in the web series. Kudos to the dialogue writer, I mean the dialogue adds a new essence to the entire series. Things like these made me relate the series more to OK Kanmani which in and of itself is a big deal. Overall, its take on the modern relationship is more refined and pure which will make you come back to it time and again.

In short, D7 makes for an amazing watch, and you should begin watching it right away. To make our life easier, ZEE5 has introduced language-centric subscription packs like the Tamil one wherein you can only pay for Tamil content.

With the coupon code GET20 and 50% cashback from PayTM, the Tamil pack can cost as low as Rs 39. That should be all the more reason to get ZEE5’s subscription and enjoy the wonderful content on the platform. So, check out D7 right away to get more insights into live-in relationships.

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