9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza

Are you a Beer Buff? For a change, try out a Craft Beer and Pizza Tasting Night with your friends! Craft Beer can be good drinks if you want a more laid back kind of hang out. Pair up this well-loved, full flavored brew with sumptuous pizza selections and you’re in for a fun night.

Check out what Pizza Capers came up with in the infographic called 9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza.

Now it may be tempting to gobble up all the slices at once and wash them down with gulps of any beer within reach. Pace yourself so you’ll enjoy more. The trick is to have a mouthful of each slice, relish the pizza’s flavors and take a few sips of its combo drink.

Look into this infographic and enjoy these exceptional combinations!! Cheers!!

The Top 9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza
The Top 9 Craft Beers to Drink with Gourmet Pizza

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