5 Questions You Should Ask While Buying a Used Motorcycle


India is one of the largest consumers of two-wheelers in the world. There are two different sides to this. Firstly, it means that more and more bike manufacturers want to be part of this game. And secondly, this opens up vast opportunities in the used bike market. Today a buyer has a lot more options to choose from than what they had a few years ago.

But this does not mean that one can be careless. There still quite a few people out there who want to benefit from bogus deals and leave you feeling betrayed. How do you overcome such people? Well, some due diligence will ensure that you have a bike that is in good shape. Here are the top 5 questions that you should be asking while buying a used motorcycle.

#1 Is there a Registration Certificate (RC)?

Think of the registration certificate as one of the first stepping stones of buying a used motorcycle. The seller of the bike is bound to hand over the RC to you when he/she is selling the bike. At this point, you have to ensure that details mentioned by the seller and the ones mentioned on the RC match. There is very little chance of deception here. You must present the RC in the RTO office where it will formally be transferred to your name.

In the event the bike was bought through bank financing, the bank seal will be present on the RC. In such cases, you would need to fill Form 35 and get it stamped from the bank. You would also need to get the NOC from the bank stating that there are no pending dues.

#2 Did you research the price?

It is very important to do at least a considerable amount of research regarding the price of the bike. You can start with checking the average price of the specific model that you are looking for. Or you can check for the price of a bike with similar odometer reading in the market. Being aware of such price points will help you buy a bike within your budget. Do not forget to keep some room for negotiations.

#3 Did you inspect the bike thoroughly?

You will be able to differentiate between a well-maintained bike and one that is poorly maintained. This is where sellers usually create discrepancies. However, on thorough inspection, you should be able to find faults if any. It is recommended that you take a friend along or a bike expert to inspect the bike.

#4 Does it have insurance?

While inspecting the bike and finding out other details about the same, do not forget about a bike insurance policy. Check if the seller has a valid bike insurance policy and if there is still some time to go before the policy expires. If it does, you can transfer the bike insurance policy to your name and continue with its benefits till expiry.

If the bike doesn’t have insurance, check with the seller when was the last time the bike had valid insurance. You might have to renew bike insurance as soon as you get your hands on the bike. Do not forget to check about the insurance status.

#5 Did you take a test ride?

Last but certainly not the least, is taking a test ride. Do not take anyone’s word for it. You need to feel the bike first hand and get your impressions on it. A clean bike doesn’t necessarily mean everything is working properly. Do a basic check of all the electronics, see if the bike starts in the first go or needs some time. How do the brakes feel? Is the pickup of the bike up to your expectation level? It is recommended to take the bike on road without any undulations or potholes and keep your ears open for any noises.

The Bottom Line

The above points will certainly help you choose a better-used bike. After you buy the bike, ensure to renew a bike insurance policy if it doesn’t already have one or is near expiry. It is required by the law that you have valid insurance so that you can ride legally. You can buy bike insurance online within a few minutes. To buy bike insurance online, you just need to offer some basic details of the bike along with contact details. Post which you can view the details of the policy on offer and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

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