5 Ways to Avail Certain Exclusions in Your Car Insurance Policy


Every car insurance plan has a list of exclusions. This means you cannot make a  claim if your vehicle undergoes repairs under that situation. For instance, most comprehensive car insurance online or offline plans don’t offer a cover for engine damages. So if your engine suffers a breakdown, you have to get it repaired yourself. These are costly expenses and need to be covered. Can you do so? Of course, you can! All you need is the help of a few riders. Read on to know more.

5 handy riders to cover car insurance exclusions

Riders are add-on covers that you can buy at an added cost when you buy car insurance online. Some of the best riders to cover exclusions are:

#1 Zero-depreciation cover

The zero depreciation car insurance cover offers protection against the time-related wear and tear of the vehicle. Every car depreciates in value as it ages. So a three-year-old car has a lower market value than a six-month-old car. You buy car insurance online and it offers protection based on the current value of the car. If you get a zero depreciation car insurance cover,  you always get the full value claim for the car. 

#2 Engine protection cover

When you buy car insurance online, read the exclusions. You find that your plan doesn’t offer protection to your car’s engine. The solution? Get an engine protection rider. With this, you can make claims for all engine related issues without a worry! The engine is the heart of the vehicle and it needs to be protected with a lot of care at all times.

#3 Extended personal accident cover

It is very easy to get car insurance online, but since you do it yourself, you should go over the exclusions. You will then notice that the personal accident cover available with your policy is limited. You can, however, get this rider and considerably increase your personal accident cover. This will ensure your family has a very good financial support if you, unfortunately, die in a road accident

#4 Roadside assistance cover

Next, you can consider getting a roadside assistance rider. Usually, your insurance provider won’t send a towing vehicle if your car breaks down in the middle of the road. This is a common car insurance exclusion. You will have to arrange to take the car to the nearest garage and get it repaired there. But with this add-on cover, you will just need to make a phone call and help will be on its way, 24/7.

#5 Consumable Rider

The consumables in car insurance terminology refer to materials such as the screws, AC gas, brake fluid, oil filter, lubricants, washers and so on. They are the miscellaneous, yet extremely crucial components of all vehicles. A comprehensive plan does not offer cover for the consumables. If you need to change or upgrade these things, you have to bear the costs yourself. But you can get a consumable rider and increase the coverage. All the consumable related expenses will then be covered under your comprehensive car insurance policy. These indeed are some of the best available car insurance riders.

In conclusion

It can safely be said that riders add a lot of value to your comprehensive motor insurance plan. Do consider getting some of these riders and increasing your insurance umbrella when you buy car insurance online. You can easily cover the exclusions by paying a little extra premium. Choose your riders wisely and get the best value out of your car insurance plan. You must, however, remember to scan over the features and costs of all the riders and then choose the ones that are of most value to you, only then will you be able to customize your plan in the best possible manner.

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