5 New Shows Launching on Zindagi TV to Present Unique, Vibrant and Thoughtful Content to Viewers

It is said that art is the reflection of society. TV shows and movies therefore reflect the woes and tales of the current times and give people an inspiration to deal with their daily struggles.

Or not! Today’s mainstream Indian television is mainly clogged with shows where Bahus are turning into houseflies and probably taking their revenge by sitting on food items. Whether it is a lesson in sanitation or an attempt at extending imagination is debatable. Channel after channel, show after show, there is nothing for the Indian audience apart from the age old family drama where the Saas and Bahu battle it out to reign supreme at home, which is the new battlefield.

Look around you, the world is not the same anymore and it is changing as I write these lines. Where are the shows that depict YOUR story? Where are the shows that give you a window to expand your humorous side, or the emotional side? Rest now, because there is one channel that has listened to your woes.

Zindagi TV channel, which is often praised for its unique and heartfelt content has launched 5 new shows which are going to start airing from 3rd October 2016 onwards. Here’s a sneak peek into their scrumptious content:

  1. TV ke uss paar @ 8.30pm
Zindagi TV Ke Uss Paar
TV OCD Mom Enters TV World

This is a funny take on the current generation’s obsession with daily soaps. It’s a story with a twist where the main lead played by Amita Khopkar, enters into the television when her favourite shows are playing. The show is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek humour which is relatable and light in comedy. How refreshing might I add!

  1. Khwabon Ki Zameen Par @ 10pm
Khwabon Ki Zameen Par
Bollywood Dreams Versus His Personal Values

This is a show about the struggles of a 20-something male lead who leaves behind his girlfriend and his family to pursue his dreams of being a Bollywood star. Sound familiar? This is the story of many of this generation who can well relate to this show. The show will show the struggles one has to face before becoming a rising star.

  1. Agar Tum Saath Ho @ 7pm
Agar Tum Saath Ho
Janam Janam Ka Saath…Nahi Hai ?

Agar Tum Saath Ho is a family drama but much unlike the one you’d expect it to be. It is a story about how a girl manages her father’s meddling post-marriage. The protagonist here is a rich Delhi girl who marries a middle class boy against her father’s wishes and hence begins the clash.

  1. Fatmagul @ 9pm
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Got Raped. Married Rapist. Loves Husband.

Fatmagul is a critically acclaimed Turkish show that tells the tale of a girl who was forced to marry her rapist. The story depicts how a simple, unassuming girl turns into a strong and confident character. It is a story that hits straight on your heart and is very relevant in today’s times which transcends borders and cultures.

  1. Little Lord @ 7.30pm
Little Lord TV Show
Fighting Parents. Broken Marriage. Child’s Play!

Little Lord is the tale of a parent-child relationship, told through the eyes of a 6-year old. This light hearted comedy show has the potential to become an after work favourite. Watch the protagonist unite his family in his own innocent and funny way.

All in all, the line-up of TV shows that Zindagi TV channel have brought on seems to be in favour of bringing high-quality and superior entertainment value to Indian audiences who are bored to death of the usual recycled stories that most television shows offer these days. Mr. Sunil Buch, the Chief Business Officer at Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., was quoted as saying, Zindagi was launched with the promise of bringing the best shows from across the world to Indian television screens. In accordance with that, Zindagi has plans to incorporate niche and acclaimed television shows from across the world such as Turkey, Italy, Spain, Latin America and Korea.

Also another noteworthy point to be mentioned is the stopping the telecast of all programs from Pakistan following the Uri attack. Dr. Subhash Chandra, the Chairman-Zee & Essel Group said at a press conference, We at Zee, have tried for the past 24 years to bridge the gap, however, the one-way street is not working. We took a decision in our hearts right after the Uri attack. And it’s really commendable that an Indian TV channel has taken this step in the national interest and upholding the sentiments of Indian audiences.

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