Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Day Excuses

valentine day excuse
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Valentine’s Day is not celebrated by many; such people try to slip away from celebrations by giving some common excuses. The infographic below named “Worst Valentine’s Day Excuses”, discuss on those funny reasons that are commonly told for an easy escape. Many men try to use these reasons to slip away from expenses and here the consolidated list of funny reasons is given. It is quite common that men would definitely forget either their anniversary dates or the birthday of some family member especially their wife’s. Also in spite of all the Valentine spirit, they have also been known to forget about Valentine’s Day.

The infographic shows the excuses which men give on Valentine’s Day, but fall flat on their face for such lame excuses.

Look for the list given in the infographic, for men to avoid those excuses and come with some new ones and for women, to keep these excuses in mind and act accordingly. Good Luck!!

Likes: The excuses depicted are truly outrageous; men generally use this kind of stupid excuses.

Dislike: Adding some good excuses could have worked wonders.

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Worst Valentine's Day Excuses
Worst Valentine’s Day Excuses


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