World’s Largest Companies Based on their Revenue


Revenue, Cost, and Profit are three of the most vital factors determining the financial health of any company. For any business to operate, the company must be capable of generating enough revenue to cover up all the costs and to earn a sufficient amount of profit. You can go through this interesting infographic to know about the largest companies in the world as of 2019 based on their revenues.

The size of the octagons in the infographic represents the proportional revenue generated by the respective companies. Based on their revenue generation, various companies from different sectors such as Technology, Financials, Motor Vehicles, Food & Retail, Energy, Tele-communication and Engineering are outlined in different color in this infographic.

Did you know that the top 100 companies in the world together generate revenue of more than $15 trillion? Did you also know that the 50% of the top 100 companies in the world are either located in China or in the U.S?

Walmart is the largest revenue generating company in the world with annual revenues of $514 billion. The company runs a chain of markets and departmental stores offering quantitative products at economical prices. Sinopec, the China-based oil and gas enterprise is the second largest revenue generating company in the world with annual revenue of $415 billion. Sinopec is also the third largest chemical production company in the world based on their sales.

Royal Dutch Shell is the third largest revenue generating company in the world with annual revenue of $397 billion. Toyota Motors from Japan stands 10th on the list with annual revenue of $273 billion. You can go through the current infographic to know more in detail about the most valuable companies in the world based in terms of revenue. [via]

World’s Largest Companies

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