Will Djokovoic regain ATP’s #1 an catch Nadal in terms of Grand Slam wins this year?

Djokovic vs Nadal Grand Slams

The recent victory in London was only the first big success for Novak Djokovic, who looked like undeniable ATP number 1 in 2021. However, the loss at ATP finals and visa/vaccination issues ruined December-January period. Moreover, his only opponent in terms of Grand Slam wins, Rafael Nadal, took a lead at a favorite Djokovic’s tournament – Australian Open, taking his 21st big win.

Spring wasn’t also nice for the Serb. With a few big failures and absence at US events, he lost his top spot in the global rankings and just confirmed the problems at French Open. There, Novak lost to Nadal in quarters, and the latter took his 22nd Grand Slam and renewed the global record. To remind, at the end of 2021 there were no doubts that the Serb will set new records in terms of Grand Slam wins and will break them.

Finally, Novak got his 21st big event, winning at Wimbledon. His major rival, Nadal, left the event due to injury, after winning in quarters over Fritz. The Spaniard was able to overcome his pain due to abdominal tear, which left Rafa without a good serve because of the injury, but he still won the clash. And that was on the grass – the fastest court and best for aces.

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Now the situation looks weird for Djokovic, although he is confident at hard surfaces. From the one hand, his major rival won’t be in optimal conditions, as the recovery time is too small to arrive to US for the Spaniard in a champion shape. However, the US still has visa rules that forbid unvaccinated people to arrive in American airports. By the way, we recommend visiting the site Odds2Win and getting the latest tennis news and get melbet promo code pakistan for free.

According to the last interview by the Serb, he won’t break his rule of not making an injection from a disease. Novak will gladly join the battle for another Grand Slam title, but hopes only for the changes in the American rules. It means that cancelation of the recent restrictions or special access for particular persons are the only methods for Djokovic to attend the event.

Nadal’s injury leaves a room for maneuvering for Djokovic, to some extent. The Serb will surely hope into Rafael’s loss in the US this year, while will be in the best shape for Australian Open to finally catch the Spaniard in terms of Grand Slam wins. If the vaccination rules change before 2023, of course.

At the same time, the miss of US Open will decrease Novak’s chances for taking a confident ATP’s number one spot till the end of the year. Moreover, the recent 7th positions calls the Serb to be active and effective until the end of the year to grab the leading position. Even the victory at Wimbledon wasn’t a huge bonus for Djokovic, who had to protect his 2000 points because of the victory in 2021. The success at US Open could be a nice boost for the Serb as he didn’t win the event last year. Want more interesting news? Follow the link to the tennis predictions for today and get fresh information every day.

The year 2022 becomes really tough for the legendary Serb. Missing a favorite Australian Open, loss of the first place and on Roland Garros are facilitated by weird chances of taking two big targets till the end of the year. But he still can catch at least one of the aims and hope for a more successful 2023.

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