Research Explores the Labyrinth of Online Casino Bonuses

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Welcome bonuses are tantalizing and heavily marketed offers by online casinos aimed at onboarding new players such as 1win deposit by promising lavish rewards and exhilarating gameplay if one only registers and makes a deposit.

However, as any seasoned online casino fan will tell you, not all that glitters is gold and deciphering the true value of these bonuses is akin to navigating an elaborate labyrinth.

Online Casino – New Formula Calculates the Actual Bonus Value (ABV)

This enigmatic aspect of the glitz and glamour of digital gambling platforms has caught the attention of the research team at SevenJackpots Casino who have recognized the need for transparency and honesty in the realm of casino bonuses.

To address this alluring issue, the researchers developed the Actual Bonus Value (ABV) formula – an innovative mathematical tool designed to accurately calculate the genuine value of these welcome offers.

Unlike more traditional evaluations that rely on subjective opinions, SevenJackpots new ABV formula takes into account crucial factors that determine a bonus’s worth, including bonus advertised amounts, wagering requirements, wager contributions, playable vs excluded games, and the clarity of terms and conditions among others.

By quantifying these elements in a scientific and measurable way, the ABV provides players with an objective measure of a bonus’s value, empowering them to make informed decisions.

The Winners and the Other Online Casino Sites

The published research paper doesn’t stop at unveiling the ABV formula, but also embarks on a comprehensive analysis of top Indian online casinos’ welcome bonus offers.

The study’s findings showcase a wide range of ABV results among different casinos, with some bonuses exceeding expectations, while others falling short.

For instance, Casino Days and Big Baazi emerge as winners with impressive ABVs measured both as percentages – 41.6%, and as real money worth – ₹41,600.

The unmatched high actual value and the overall transparent structure of the bonus offers from these two casinos run by one and the same operator – White Star B.V., demonstrate a solid commitment to offering valuable and straightforward bonuses.

PlaySQR is another online casino platform that stands out in ABV scrutiny, aligning well with the winners despite their conventional bonus money offer, scoring the same ABV percentage of 41.6%, in their case coming up at ₹8,320 out of the total marketed ₹20,000.

On the flip side, certain casinos, including BlueChip, offered bonuses with significantly lower ABVs like 8,0% or just ₹8,000 out of the generously advertised  ₹1,00,000.

The intricacies of such disparities between marketed and actual bonus values lie in the details – complex terms and conditions, confusing wagering requirements, and huge lists of game limitations.

What Kind of a Marketing Strategy is to Offer a Low-Value Bonus?

While some casinos excel in providing high-value bonuses, others choose a different path – offering bonuses with lower ABVs. But what could drive such a seemingly counterintuitive strategy?

One possible explanation lies in the behaviour of players who strive to boost their bankrolls by actively seeking out and collecting various bonuses. Casinos offering low-value bonuses may anticipate that players will eventually turn to their offers after exhausting any more lucrative options on the horizon.

This strategy leverages players’ inclination to accumulate as many bonuses as possible, inadvertently leading them to explore the lower-value offers as well.

In a different reading, the sheer effort required to meticulously research and compare bonus offers might deter players from thoroughly evaluating each option.

For many it might be easier to just go ahead and claim all available bonuses and play the games, instead of doing hard homework.

Bringing Clarity to Online Casino Welcome Bonuses

The SevenJackpots Casino research paper and the introduction of the Actual Bonus Value (ABV) formula mark a significant step forward in demystifying the world of online casino bonuses.

The study’s insights shed light on the nuances of objective bonus evaluation, emphasising the importance of transparency and informed decision-making.

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