Why Women Are the Real Power Behind Social Media

A huge number of U.S. adult women use social media more and in many ways than that of the males now days. They are very much prone to that of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter than their male counterparts. Right from photos and news sharing to brand interaction women’s are leading the way. That’s according to the below info graphic named “Why Women Are the Real Power behind Social Media”.

According to the info graphic, 76 percent of U.S. adult women use Facebook, compared to only 66 percent of U.S. adult men. Meanwhile, 30 percent of women check their social media outlets multiple times per day, compared to 26 percent of men. And 53 percent of women are likely to access deals for a particular brand or item through social media, while only 36 percent of male survey respondents do the same.

The infographic depicts the fact that women mostly use smart phones and tablets to access the social media. Also it drives the growth of Visual Web like Instagram, Tumblr etc. by gaining more than 10million in last year. It is said that behind these billion dollars social websites there are women. So girls look into the infographics for more facts and celebrate this Women’s’ day with pride because you are the sole reason for many billion dollar companies and it is predicted that the social media will become a girl’s territory in no time!! Cheers to you all!!

Infographic Source :- financesonline.com

Why Women Are the Real Power behind Social Media
Why Women Are the Real Power behind Social Media

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