Why A Slowdown in Engineering Job Market is Good for India



Well, it is not just India but the entire world is experiencing a transition in the Engineering field. The desire to deliver higher quality work in a much cost effective way is the trigger to this transition. Automation is replacing most of the repetitive jobs in the industry. With this, the focus is more than ever before on the skilled jobs. As the less skilled jobs are diminishing the skilled jobs have gained more value in the market. This transition is good for the future as we are moving from ‘General’ to ‘Specific’ but sadly in the process, lots of less skilled people are losing their jobs. This transition from less-skilled jobs to highly-skilled jobs is the primary reason of this slow-down.

Impacts of the slowdown

With the reduced number of jobs in the market, the number of students choosing Engineering as their career has reduced. The education industry has taken a hit. Many engineering colleges closed down due to very less intake of students. As per the reports published earlier in a leading newspaper in the state of Uttar Pradesh only more than 62% of the engineering seats remained vacant in the year 2018. This seats were affiliated to AKTU and was available for admission through UPSEE. Like UPSEE the other exams such as JEE-Main also had the similar story. The major impact was on the education industry and on the less-skilled individuals in the market.

Why is the slowdown good for the country

Below are the major reasons:-

  • Quality Colleges –

    With the reduction in jobs, the number of students opting for engineering took a tremendous hit. This led to the closure of many colleges which had just pop out when the engineering job market was at its peak. The purpose of these colleges was not to create talented and skilled engineers but just to earn money. The quality of engineers passing out had gone low. Since now only those colleges survived which were serious in producing good talent the quality of engineers passing out will eventually improve. Checkout the best Engineerg colleges in the country.

  • Engineers by Choice-

    The sudden rise in the number of jobs available in the engineering field led a lot of students to choose this field irrespective of their interests. The number of students interested in the career went up leading to the opening of more colleges. Getting a degree in Engineering became too easy but the passed out students were many times deemed unemployable by many multi-national companies. Since the job growth is not the same anymore only interested students are taking up Engineering. Indian markets needed ‘Engineers by Choice’ not ‘Engineers by Chance’.

  • Highly skilled jobs-

    Automation is very fast taking over the less-skilled jobs. The current demand of the market is of highly skilled individuals. These highly skilled jobs are being paid very well. The skilled jobs are eventually more stable . Hence with this Indian market has become more stable.

With this slowdown the number of quality Engineers passing out has gone up. As skilled jobs are more stable the Indian market will also move towards more stability.

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