What is IPO, and how to check upcoming IPOs in India?

Grey Market IPO


Grey Market IPO

Most people are interested to know about the upcoming IPO in India. Before beginning, first, you should know the meaning of IPO to get brief details. Let us gives you an overview of the IPO.

What do you mean by IPO?

Without moving to any technical details, let us first give you the knowledge about the initial public offerings, IPO. We will make you understand these terms and techniques with the help of an example.

Suppose that Company A is doing good work and wants to raise the capital for further development. Regarding all conditions by the securities and Broad Exchanges, company A can raise the money by exchanging new shares with the public and choosing the investment banks institutions and mutual funds.

When shares are issued to the public, the price is determined by the bankers, merchants, and the company. This procedure of listing the company’s shares to several categories of investors is called IPO.

What are the benefits of the Upcoming IPO?

There are the many benefits of the upcoming IPO that consists:

  • Shares List: One of the biggest advantages of the IPO is that it promotes the listed shares. Then shares start to trade on listed exchanges and with other compiled agreements. These listed shares are traded like all listed companies.
  • Compliance in IPO: IPO has transparency with the rules and guidelines by the board securities and exchanges, RBI exchanges, and other authorities. You must browse the website to know all details on the upcoming IPO and the facts that are not familiar with the Initial offerings.
  • Boost the capital money: One of the benefits of IPO is also that it boosts the capital. It helps the company raise their capital money with the help of banks or government institutions, but there are some restrictions. It can then utilize the Initial Public offer route. It has mentioned in the provided document how to raise the money from the public banks.

How much time is pending to know about the upcoming IPO?

The announcement of the upcoming IPO coincides with the company’s regulatory filings and registering new shares. It can be lies from the period of 1 week to more than a year. With difficulty, the investors will have a time of six months to fill the IPO.

For how much time one can hold the IPO before selling?

For regular investors, you can easily buy or sell IPO exchanges at any point, which consists throughout the first day of trading. It is subjected to lock-up periods where ordinary investors cannot sell their shares until a specified time. IPO prospectus spelled the lock-up period.


IPO investors are curious to know about the upcoming IPO. They can also track the status of the upcoming IPO from the various digital platforms and associated news and take experts’ advice. If you have any queries related to the post, feel free to ask in the comments box below.

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