What Big Grocery Stores Are Doing to Keep Consumers Coming Back

In the U.S., grocery store sales are a $600 billion industry. With a few key players offering essentially the same product, the industry is dominated by the brands that know how to endear themselves to consumers.

In a new study released to Adweek, Boston-based consultancy C Space homed in on consumer loyalty among the big players, attempting to flesh out some insights about what makes shoppers come back. “The grocery industry is an increasingly crowded space, and every new innovation brings consumers more choices. This data proves that, rather than relying on short-term tactics like discounts and reward programs, building loyalty depends on a grocery retailer’s capacity to intuitively “get” its customers,” said Charles Trevail, CEO of C Space.

“The ones that are positioned for long-term growth are those retailers that are partnering with and drawing inspiration from their customers, delivering products and experiences that align and evolve with their values and priorities.”[via]

What Big Grocery Stores Are Doing to Keep Consumers Coming Back

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