What Are Children Doing With Their Pocket Money?

What Are Children Doing With Their Pocket Money? 1

They could be gambling.

Everyone knows that games are a great part of the lives of children and teens, in general, play time and different games are positive because they help improve many mental and physical aspects that will develop their brains and crucial skills for life challenges.

Outside activities is beneficial to children, as video-games can be, since there is usually a lot of work involved, such as solving riddles and problems in short periods of time, overcoming challenges to level up, building and developing certain skills, etc that can improve, for instance, their decision making process and the way they overcome their own personal, academic and professional challenges.

However, there is a big downside to this ‘positive situation’ when children decide to turn their game time into gambling using their pocket money or their parents’ online accounts.

It is perfectly fine to enjoy gambling as an adult, just remember to pay attention to your children’s behavior in order to stop them from spending their pocket money (or yours) on Scratchcards, slots and other types of quick and easy games that could lead to juvenile gambling addiction.

Underage Gambling

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