Alert: Watch out for these unmissable shows in April

Alert: Watch out for these unmissable shows in April 1

Alert: Watch out for these unmissable shows in April 2

Aji sunte ho…Call your binge-watching buddies ASAP because we have good news. April isn’t looking so bad anymore! You know why? Well, ALTBalaji is returning with some of the fresh plots, good-looking cast, and brilliant performances. And hey, guess what? It’s not just one but two latest web series waiting for you. Amazing, right? You bet!

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming web series going that will air in April:

1. Main Hero Boll Raha Hu

Aakhon ke panno pe… Isne likha tha sau dafa…ki ye hai Hero…sabka.

Well, well, well, ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about none other than the newest hero of Tinseltown- the very dashing and charismatic- Nawab from Main Hero Boll Raha Hu web series. Played by the popular actor, Parth Samthan, the character of Nawab is intense, fearless, and charming. Inke baremein kisiko bhi pucho. Report achi hi milegi.

ALTBalaji’s show, Main Hero Boll Raha Hu is a journey of one rising underworld don hero, Nawab. Born in Rai Bareilly, he has seen the gangland closely at a very young age. Unbothered and fearless, he grows up to become the unbeatable king of the mafia who takes on the world with his charm, good looks, and wit.

Starring Parth Samthan and many more well-known actors, Main Hero Boll Raha Hu web series is a crime drama that revolves around the stories of brutal killings, betrayal, brotherhood, and love. It is an 80s underworld drama that will leave a shiver down your spine with its spellbound storyline. Get ready to enter a world packed with action, drama, masala, and dher sara entertainment exclusively on ALTBalaji.

2. His Storyy

Kya shaadi karne se sare khush rehete hai? Ya kisi majboori ke karan log shaadi nibhate hai? Iska jawab toh ab bus Kunal aur Sakshi de sakte hai. Oh hey, did we mention that Kunal and Sakshi are the newest married couple in town that everyone is jealous of? Well, you’ll see!

Starring Satyadeep Mishra, Priya Mani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, Nitin Bhatia, and many more actors, His Storyy is ALTBalaji’s upcoming web series that revolves around two married souls, Kunal (played by Satyadeep Mishra) and Sakshi (played by Priya Mani Raj). The power couple is everybody’s dream. Quite literally! They are madly-in-love restauranteurs with two beautiful teenage kids. Their love story seems perfect until a dark secret creates trouble in their paradise.

ALTBalaji’s His Storyy web series takes you deep into Kunal and Sakshi’s fifteen-year long marriage that comes crashing down after a startling revelation. After the hard-hitting truth, the story focuses on a chain of dramatic events. Unfold the drama between Kunal and Sakshi exclusively on ALTBalaji.

Um, so what are you waiting for now? Pata toh chal gaya ab. Toh bhaisahab, buy an affordable ALTBalaji subscription package today to streaming the show soon. Hurry. Get going, you!

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