Wahl Argan Care Smart Brush Review


Wahl Argan Care Smart Brush Review

Ever wondered why can’t girls ever get enough of a thing? Okay stop wondering, I have an answer with an example. Now, you see girls with this luscious wavy hair, flawless layers and also impeccable shine, technically these girls are intended to have the best kind of hair. But the irony is girls with the most good-looking waves and also the softest curls will crave for hair that looks string straight. While the ones who have had their natural straight hair for almost all their lives will be craving for soft waves and curls. This answers their ‘can’t get enough attitude’, doesn’t it?  Thanks to the wide Hair Styling Industries to have given everyone the freedom to choose how their hair should look like in a day.

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I belong to the latter category, the one with straight hair. I’ve had the best pictures of me with my natural looking straight hair. But there are times that you want to experiment with your hair and give a makeover to your look. Well, I had the same plans. I have been trying a lot of machines on my hair to give it the perfect waves. But needless to say, all of the tools has only helped to ruin the quality, shine and texture of my hair. It is now neither straight nor wavy. I thought of going back to what suits me the best, the straight hair. So, I ordered a few products whose description has attracted me the most. One such product that I’m willing to introduce today is Wahl Argan Care Smart Brush.

Now this Smart brush as the name suggests, is infused with Argan oil, so it had to be on my cart. I received the product in less than 24 hours and could not resist gliding it through my hair. It is a digital hair brush which adjusts itself to 7 temperatures ranging from 140 up to 200 degree Celsius.

This feature of the Wahl Argan Care Smart Brush allows itself to adhere to the intensity of the heat so as to give even the ones with dense curls the most straight looking hair. I have almost had the straight done hair for more than 48 hours. But if you have dense curls this tool will give you straight hair up to 48 hours at least.


You could absolutely use it on either wet or dry hair, the maximum time it would take to dry up and straighten your hair would be around 5-7 minutes. So now don’t worry even if you are running late to work, classes, or party because this tool takes less than 2 minutes to heat itself up. What’s better than instant anyway?

Now I have had this habit of leaving on things as it is before I leave the place. High-five if you belong to my category because kudos to Wahl Smart Brush who auto cuts-off in about 60 mins so that you could save upon energy. Umm… basically energy-effective straightening brush! Also, you would be paying a price slightly higher than Wahl’s other range of hair straightening tools but trust me you wouldn’t regret doing so. Because it will cause nearly no damage to the hair strands as it has Argan oil infused bristles which smoothly glide through the hair straightening it in just 2 strokes. One would not mind paying a higher price for a smart product. Although it is priced at around 2,495 you get it at a discounted price of about 1,999 with a 2 years warranty. Makes sense, right?

Clearly, I am very happy to have made a smart purchase. It has been almost 3 days that I have been regularly using the styling brush on my hair. It has not given me frizzy hair, additionally I haven’t even experienced sticky scalp which I otherwise do with hair styling products. I would absolutely give it a thumbs up and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this smart brush. Kudos to Wahl Argan Care Smart Brush!

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