van-heusen_myfitA man is being judged by the clothes he wears, a Latin proverb which is quite true in all means. Clothes do matter a lot; it highlights the personality of a man. But getting to wear perfectly fitting clothes is very difficult, or rather impossible unless you get your tailor in the picture with your accurate measurements. Now think about the best brand in the clothes market like Van Heusen delivering you, your perfectly fitting clothes at your doorsteps!! Sounds like a joke right…!! But it’s true.

Van Heusen’s innovative solution Van Heusen MY FIT helps the consumer to pick their favorite fabric which is perfectly fitting with zero difficulty like your personalized tailor. To try a hand on this astonishing solution, my friend and I visited our nearest Van Heusen outlet at Palladium, Lower Parel in Mumbai. The store personnel were readily available and excited to explain the entire process to us.

My friend wanted to buy a good formal wear, so he went ahead shopping a shirt for him. Traditionally we search for a particular size in the racks for our proper fit. But that’s where MY FIT was different; they provided a catalogue where all the fabric was pinned to choose from. My friend selected his personal favorite, a Light Blue Shirt and it was not over yet, the pain of selecting the size was not there because it gives a wide variety of choices of shirts shown below

A. Fit
1. Custom
2. Slim-
3. Tall
4. Athletic
5. Plus
6. Healthy


B. Size

The size was easily gettable, Van Heusen also offers the sizes in odd numbers is 39, 41,43.


C. Sleeve
Option for choosing the same shirt with half or full sleeves. Indeed a positive for many buyers!!

D. Sleeve Length
Shirts come with sleeve of the standard length of 25.6 inches from the shoulder. MY FIT offers a solution to both problems by offering 3 sleeve lengths i.e. standard 25.6 inches, 26.6 inches(+1) and 24.6 inches(-1)

E. Cuff
You can choose the cuff yourself like whether you have to wear for a party with a blazer or at your office i.e. Chisel or double!

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F. Collar
And finally the collar. Yes, here too you can choose between the collarless Mandarin and the standard half cut way!

So the choices of shirt as per each aspect went like this.
A. Slim fit
B. 39
C. Full Sleeves
D. Sleeve Length 25.6 inches
E. Cuff –Chisel
F. Collar – Half cut away


Now it was time for the trousers. He went for Navy Blue

And just like the shirt, there was various customizations for the trousers as well!

A. Body Type:
1. Snug fit
2. Ultra slim
3. Slim
4. Custom
5. Healthy


B. Front
You can either choose a flat front or a pleated front, again different than the traditional shopping.

C. Waist Size

You can choose 28, 30 etc or go with the 35, 37 to be precise with your waist size!

D. Trouser Length

The right trouser length which of course once chosen Van Heusen would have it delivered with the exact length.
So the trouser went like this-

Navy Blue trouser
A. Body Type – Slim
B. Front – Flat
C. Waist size – 34’
D. Trouser Length – 41”

After this, we headed back home to place the order online on All we did, was login to which is an Aditya Birla initiative and chose exactly what we planned in the store. We can also blindly shop our clothes from such a detailed site without going to visit the shop. every detail which was explained by the shop personnel was crisply or let me say descriptively mentioned on the website. Starting from collars, sleeves etc.

A week later, the Trendin parcel arrived. My friend wore them, and yes it was perfectly fitting him. It was an extra ordinary shopping experience. You get a feel like Van Heusen’s high profiled tailors at your service. Just go for it!!

Van Heusen MyFit

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